Divergent Steps
16” x 20” canvas, spray paint, acrylic, and glazing medium

"Divergent Steps"
16” x 20 canvas, spray paint and acrylics

"Some Assembly Required"
9” x 12” canvas, spray, acrylic, glazing medium, and ballpoint pen

More pieces translated into the language of shirt! 
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All-over printed, and I heard there’s more designs in the works…

Available through Infinite Bit:

A collection of collabs with Eli Studer:

"Maps of Dirt"
digital experiment, I like the dark tan background

"Release Formula"
16” x 20” canvas
Acrylic, graphite, spray paint, water, etc.

Full photo, shot early in progress, and 2 close up photos included

Alot of layering, spray painting, and intricate paint + ink work went into this piece. Moving on to make more…

"Springs Forth"
16” x 20” canvas, spray paint, acrylic, oil, markers, ink, brushes, etc.

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